Allegory Brewing

Allegory Brewing 1

Part two of my beer tour de McMinnville brought me to Allegory Brewing. Started in 2017, they are relatively new to the craft beer scene, though their founder and the head brewer have been in the game for much longer. Having tasted their beer before at a few brew fests, this was another place I was eager to try at the source to see what other offerings they have. Grab your beer, sit back, and enjoy as I try to find the hidden meaning behind this interesting brewery.

  1. Beer – Either my palate is becoming more refined or I have finally found a sour beer I like. Seriously, I’ve never been a sour fan (that’s an understatement, I can’t stand them) yet I still try them from time to time for reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it me just checking in with my taste buds to make sure they still aren’t down with sour, maybe it is an attempt to say I have tried everything on the tap list at least once. I don’t know. Either way, Allegory created a razzberry sour that blew my mind with its depth of flavor and how much I enjoyed it, and that wasn’t even my favorite beer. Balanced brews and a decent variety on the tap list result in some delicious creations that left me wanting a growler to take home. Score: 3.5/5
  2. Brewery – The brewery was a study in blue, starting with the turquoise lettering and seats out front to the bar accents and walls on the inside. The brewery itself is on the small side but it utilizes the space well. The taproom has a few tables and a modest bar overlooking the brew floor and a cask aging room. The outdoor area has additional seating scattered around the patio and a large gas firepit for the cooler months. They do not have food on-site though occasional food trucks and partnerships with local restaurants allow for the hungry beer drinker to find something to eat. Flights are reasonably priced at $10 for 5 tasters. Their hours are limited to the weekends and even then, only mid-afternoon to 9pm at the latest, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly to ensure enough time to sample their beers. Score: 3/5Allegory Brewing 2
  3. Ambiance and Entertainment – Entertainment is limited to what you bring with you. I did not see any board games or televisions, and space is limited for live music and I didn’t see it advertised often. They do host a yearly Octoberfest as well as occasional beer release parties and other live events, yet even these are infrequent. They are still new and growing, so I hope more will come in the future. Score: 2/5Allegory Brewing 4
  4. Location – Located right on the edge of downtown, they built the brewery in a small cul-de-sac that backs up to train tracks. Though none came through during my visit, it makes me wonder how low it can get when one does. Onsite parking is limited though there is ample street parking all around. There are many restaurants, bars, and other breweries in easy walking distance if you elect to move on from Allegory but don’t want to head home just yet. Score: 3/5
  5. Customer Service – While there we were the only people inside, so the service was great. Good suggestions, quick pours, and pleasant conversation made the visit quite enjoyable. Not sure how it would hold up when busier as there was only one person behind the bar, but I had no complaints at this visit. Score: 4/5

Total Score: 15.5/25

Favorite Beer: Beast Fable – 10.3% ABV Imperial Stout

Final Thoughts: The beer is the strongest selling point here and worth a visit if you are in town. The taproom is well put-together but lacks strong selling points to draw people in aside from the beer. Still, I think they have a lot of room to grow and look forward to repeat visits in the future.Allegory Brewing 3

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