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Part two of my exploration of the breweries in the gorge took me across the Columbia River into White Salmon, Washington to visit Everybody’s Brewing. Another brewery who’s beers I have had before, I was excited to try some new creations from the source. Perched up on a bluff above the river, this gorgeous new brewpub affords some great views to enjoy while savoring their expansive tap list and food menu. So gather everybody around, fill your beers, and relax as I review a brewery that everybody will enjoy.

  1. Beer – First and foremost, the tap list is quite expansive, both their current list and looking back at what has been checked in before on Untappd. Their core beers are mostly the standard fare you would expect, running from IPAs to an amber ale, with a few dark beers in the mix. The seasonal, local harvest, and collaboration beers really open up the variety and experimentation, adding in things like wild ales, bourbon barrel aged beers, and other unique brews. Even better, some of the names they have come up with are fantastic. Kudos to whomever is the creative spirit behind that. The quality is equally impressive, with nuanced flavor profiles that are pleasing to the nose and palate, showing off a level of brewing technique that shines through. Score: 4/5
  2. Brewery – The brewery is in a gorgeous new building decked out with wood accents and tons of windows. More brewpub than true tasting room, the seating area is massive, with a mix of table seating and a large bar along one wall, with views onto the brew floor in one direction and Mt. Hood in another. An outdoor patio affords additional views to the mountains across the river and a chance to catch some sun amidst the rainy Pacific Northwest winters. They serve food, consisting mostly of pub-style fare, with prices that are average for the area, while a flight of beer will cost you $10. They are open late every day, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop in if you are in the area. Score: 4/5everybody's brewing 1
  3. Ambiance and Entertainment – Live music, karaoke nights, tap releases, and even some holiday parties are the main forms of entertainment to be found here, despite how ideal the place would be for yoga + beer or trivia events. I couldn’t find any board games nor televisions but that just means a night of conversation and enjoying any live events. Not sure if you can rent out the brewery but it would be a great spot for a wedding or some other form of party too. Score: 3/5
  4. Location – White Salmon is this adorably tiny little town perched on the bluff overlooking the gorge, and Everybody’s Brewing is located right in the middle of the downtown area. The brewery is the biggest and newest thing on the street, so you cannot miss it as you come in to town, and you will find plenty of places to park on the streets around it. There are a handful of neat little shops and restaurants should you wish to venture out, and there are a plethora of other breweries in the gorge that are a short distance away. Just make sure you bring cash if you are going to cross the river as some of the bridges have tolls. Score: 3/5everybody's brewing 3
  5. Customer Service – My only real quibble with this visit was the length of time it took for my initial order to be taken. I was seated quickly but then waited for at least 5-10 minutes before someone came over to find out what I wanted to drink. My understanding is that they were in the middle of a shift change so the slight delay can be forgiven as the rest of the time the service was excellent. They do offer table service and I was checked on frequently for the rest of my visit with speedy refills, so all in all it was not a bad experience. Score: 2.5/5

Total Score: 16.5/25

Favorite Beer: Foggy Goggle – 6.6% New England IPA

Final Thoughts: One of the most beautiful breweries I have ever visited combined with great beer and an amazing view make Everybody’s Brewing a must stop when you are travelling through the gorge. Even if you can’t stop in, look for their beers in store as you won’t be disappointed with what you will find.

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