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Green Room Brewing 1

Back in the days before the pandemic (was it really just 2 months ago?!), I went back east to visit my family in Jacksonville, Florida. Of course, that visit would not be complete without a few brewery visits, and Green Room Brewing happened to be my first one of the trip. Started in 2011, they were the first brewery to set up shop in Jacksonville Beach. Since then they have become a staple, not only of the beach scene, but also in the craft brew world of my hometown. I’m ashamed to say I have never visited them until this point, and after finally doing so I am equally ashamed that I waited so long. So, grab a beer, relax, and read on as I surf my way through the first of many new Florida breweries.

  1. Beer – With a broad tap list that includes year-round staples and a rotating cast of beers, you will find something you like here whatever your palates preferences. I thought the beers were well balanced and flavorful throughout the list, with none that I would consider subpar. The rotating tap list had a nice variety to it along with some interesting experiments (oat-based IPA anyone?) beyond the usual styles, and they all came out well in my opinion. Score: 4/5
  2. Brewery – An unassuming exterior belies a well-worn interior that is perfect for an afternoon or evening of beer drinking, and fits in so well with the general beach ambiance. A large bar dominates the front of the room but go around the corner and past the brewing equipment and you will find another room with games, a large screen, and more seating. A small outdoor seating near the front door completes the picture and is perfect if you want to sit and sweat in the Florida heat. While they do not have a kitchen, you are welcome to bring your own food or order and have it delivered there. Pre-pandemic they were open every day in the afternoon and evenings, but still do to go orders now (go support your local breweries). Lastly, and most importantly, they are dog friendly! Score: 3/5Green Room Brewing 2
  3. Ambiance and Entertainment – Any place that has a foosball table immediately wins me over. I played a few rounds with my dad, who joined me on this adventure, and had a blast. Lots of other tabletop games are available as well. Football watch parties (go Jaguars!) plus lots of other in-person events like brewery yoga, bottle releases, and chili cook-offs, pre-pandemic that is, dotted their schedule. Green Room is the complete package when looking for a place to hang out and drink beer while enjoying whatever kind of entertainment is on tap. Score: 4/5
  4. Location – What better location than the heart of Jacksonville Beach? Start your day with a morning in the sun and sand, then walk a few blocks in any direction for whatever kind of food you want, and end at Green Room for some excellent beer. If golf is more your style, just a few miles down the road is TPC Sawgrass, one of the main golf courses of the PGA. And of course, all of Jacksonville is just a short car ride away. They do have a limited amount of on-site parking, but there is plenty of street level and other types of public parking all around, you just may have to hunt for it. Score: 4/5
  5. Customer Service – With no kitchen, there is no reason for table service, so all orders go through the bar. Though it was moderately busy, it still did not take long to have our orders taken or poured. The bar staff were friendly and made a good suggestion for a beer that my dad would like, and like it he did. Score: 3/5

Total Score: 18/25

Favorite Beer: Count Shakula – 6.2% Oatmeal Stout

Final Thoughts: Better late than never for making a visit here, but I sure am glad I did. This brewery will have to go on my list of favorites in my hometown and in the rotation of ones I visit when home. I definitely recommend stopping in if you are out at the beaches, it is a perfect way to end a day in the surf.

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