7 Devils Brewing Company

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The last stop on our Redwoods trip was back in Oregon in the town of Coos Bay. We took the coastal highway home to enjoy a more scenic route and stopped for lunch in this little fishing town. Of course, I had to see if there were any breweries close by and sure enough, I found 7 Devils Brewing Company. This place ended up being my favorite of the trip, so sit back and enjoy the review!

  1. Beer – They had a nice selection of beers to choose from on tap, ranging from lighter ales to a wonderful stout. Their brews tend to stick to the ale category and as such I did not see any options beyond the basics, which is unfortunate because if the quality of their other brews was any indication, they would have made some interesting and high-quality offerings. That being said, the beer they do have is quite good with a nice balance of flavors. I use Untappd to keep track of my ratings and thoughts when I’m trying new places and they scored high on each one I logged in the app. In fact, since starting this blog they have the highest average score of any place I’ve visited. That says a lot about a place and makes me highly recommend trying their beer if you have it on tap close by. Or just stop by the tap room and fill up a growler! Score: 4/5
  2. Brewery – Built out of an old building that probably has quite the history, it is hard to miss 7 Devils when you are walking around downtown. This place had an interesting layout to the brewery in that when you walk in you can go left in to the tap room or right into an additional seating/dining area. The tap room was small but tastefully appointed, with subtle and not so subtle nods to Coos Bay’s history as a fishing town. A large wooden bar and windows into the brew floor dominate the tap room while the other side is equally well appointed but without the nice bar or the view. A spacious outdoor area completes the picture and is probably quite lovely during the non-rainy season in Oregon. While not as spacious as many other places I’ve been, they utilize the area they do have quite well and have created a lovely spot to enjoy a beer with friends. They do also have a full food menu and while I did not try any of the offerings, they did look and smell good as I eyed them from a distance at other people’s tables, and the prices are more reasonable (read: non-California) to boot. Score: 4/5
  3. Ambiance – They seem to always have something going on, from live music to nights of civil political discourse over pints. Seriously, every week seems to have multiple events going on, which is great for building a loyal customer base and creating a fun atmosphere. On top of that, they have at least one television for sporting or other televised events to be shown on. I did not see any board games or outdoor games which would have been one extra element to create a fun atmosphere but that by no means detracts from everything else they have. They do a good job here creating somewhere that invites you to stay a while and have another beer. Score: 3.5/5
  4. Location – Right in the heart of downtown Coos Bay! Not that there is a whole lot to do there, but they have a respectable number of restaurants and coffee shops close by and the waterfront is a short walk down the street. I can’t speak for how the place is on a week night or Friday/Saturday evening, but the downtown area was empty when we stopped in on a Sunday afternoon. Not that you would have much cause to leave here once you get settled in! On the plus side, they do have ample parking so at least you don’t have to struggle to find a place on the street. Score: 3.5/5
  5. Customer Service – Excellent! We were seated promptly and had table service the whole time. Our server took our orders quickly and checked on us frequently. Overall, they treat the customers well here. Score: 5/5

Total Score: 20/25

Final Thoughts: This place was a delightful find in a small town on the Oregon coast. I highly recommend stopping in anytime you are nearby or picking up some of their beer if you see it in store. I know if I ever have reason to be back in Coos Bay I will be visiting again!

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