Long Timber Brewing Company

Long Timber 2

My wife has driven by the slow but steady development of Long Timber Brewing Company for the last six or so months and has delivered regular updates on its progress, building anticipation at trying a new brewery for me in the process. In a town of less than 700 people and one traffic light, this edifice to the rich lumber history of the area and the craft beer movement dominates the main street of Monroe. So sit back, grab a beer, and listen as I saw my way through this review of a shiny new brewery.

  1. Beer – I think the best way to describe their beers would be as a work in progress. The fundamentals behind the beers are solid, I just wasn’t sold on some of the flavor profiles. For me, the non-IPA beers were the best of the bunch, with the stout being a true palate pleaser and one I would take a growler home of. The brut IPA and cream ale missed the mark for me, though I would not call them bad beers by any stretch. I think over time both the quality and quantity will improve and I look forward to watching them grow. Score: 2.5/5Long Timber 1
  2. Brewery – It is quite obvious that the owners of Long Timber got their start in the lumber business. From antique logging equipment to a brewery built almost exclusively from Douglas fir, it exudes a sense of backwoods refinement without venturing into obnoxious and tacky. Inside you will find a large seating area downstairs accompanied by an equally large bar. In the back, there is a separate room dedicated to serving wine, and upstairs is more balcony seating that overlooks the main floor. Step out back and you will find a modest covered patio with a fire pit. Their food menu is meat heavy, with sandwiches carving boards that have a strong barbeque influence, though there are some vegetarian options available. Most importantly, the food is pretty tasty with portions that are large and filling. Expect to spend $50+ for two people on food and drinks, which is on par with the rest of the craft beer scene in the Pacific Northwest. Open every day of the week from lunch until 9pm affords plenty of time to plan a visit. Score: 3.5/5Long Timber 3
  3. Ambiance and Entertainment – Being so new they can be forgiven for not having an extensive event list yet. Probably the best option right now is the television scattered around the room, perfect for watching Oregon or Oregon State football games on Saturday or other sporting events throughout the year. As for live music, there is a small stage in the center of the main floor that would be perfect for it, and I can’t wait to see what groups they line up to play. As they get more established, I am sure they will add more events and options, so stay tuned as they grow! Score: 2/5
  4. Location – This is probably the toughest category for them. Monroe is a one traffic light town about 20 minutes south of Corvallis and 30 minutes north of Eugene. While it is on a heavily trafficked highway between the two cities, it is not a destination stop for most people, though maybe this shiny new brewery will change that. As a consequence, there is not much to do around the brewery save for a few wineries within easy distance. On the plus side, the brewery is very visible and easy to find from the street with ample parking on site. Score: 2/5
  5. Customer Service – Long Timber is designed more as a restaurant that also brews beer, so everywhere you sit will have table service. While the wait for a table was long (~45 minutes), it can be forgiven for now due to its recent opening and high volume of traffic. Once seated I felt well taken care of, with a very friendly and informative staff that always made sure we did not need anything. The food and drink speed once orders were taken was also impressive, especially in such a new place that has to still be working out some kinks. All in all, aside from the wait for a table I was suitably impressed with my visit here. Score: 3.5/5

Total Score: 13.5/25

Favorite Beer: Night Rabbit – 6.2% Oatmeal Stout

Final Thoughts: A shiny and gorgeous new brewery with a lot of potential, Long Timber is worth a stop if you are passing through the area. I would advise you to go hungry as the food really shines, though the beer has its moments as well. I look forward to watching them grow and will absolutely be back for another round soon

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